COVID-19 Economic Injury Disaster Update


Dear Clients and Customers,

We are living in unique and unfortunate times as this disaster impacts all of us; we are here to take care of our people. If you have any questions, please contact us as you normally would.

Homeowners and Tenants (and All Persons), if you are financially injured by the Disaster, we encourage you to apply at for the Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL); see the application, research, and contact your professional legal and accounting advisors for more about the EIDL Grant.

Tenants, if you are financially affected by the Disaster: email us about your current situation with documentation providing evidence of how this has economically affected you (eg employment termination letter). We’ll do what we can to help; Communications and Documentation is key.  

Our Office is Open for Deliveries: M-F 10A-2P; Security grants access.  At least one front office team member will be available for deliveries and pick-up; other team members will be working remotely. We have enhanced the frequency and scope of our onsite cleanliness measures to include sanitization of high touch points in all of our building. In the interest of all persons health and safety, we are temporarily restricting all non-essential business travel for our team. All Open House events and office events such as TGIM and Lunch and Learns are cancelled until further notice. 

Stay Home for Nevada. The State of Nevada has issued Declaration of Emergency in response to Coronavirus outbreak.  Only essential services (which we are) are expected to remain open.  Clark County School District successfully continues to teach students via online communications. Containing the spread of the Coronavirus is a team effort, and we ask that each of you do what you can to protect each other as well as the broader community.  We strongly encourage you to continue to follow guidance from your local health authorities, along with the World Health Organization (WHO) and Center for Disease Control (CDC).

Best Regards,

Mark Fleysher, Broker B.142923